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This ain't your daddy's country's your granddaddy's! Back from the grave with a few bones to pick, too...

Sacred Roots is a cover album made in tribute to country songs from the 1930's to the 2000's.

With a spooky mix of acoustic guitar, banjo, keys and stand up bass all drowned in reverb, This LP was made to be listened to in the Fall.


Featuring local artists; Cheribomb Binx, Toxic Mike, Jimmy King and Troy Ounce!


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at 5 Feet Under Studios by Tom Berttall and Stumblin' Gunnar.


Released October 14th, 2022


Track List:

1) Radio Country

2) Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint

3) I Walk The Line

4) Reqiuem

5) Lungs

6) Train To Satanville

7) Banford

8) Bangor Mash

9) Ramblin' Man

10) I Wouldn't Mind Dyin'

11) Altissimo

12) Song For The Last Cowboy

Stumblin' Gunnar - Sacred Roots (Digital Download)

Excluding GST/HST
  • This digital download of Sacred Roots by Stumblin' Gunnar includes mp3 & Wav copies of the album, as well as some art.

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