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Magic 9 Ball

1st Place Winner at the
Fort Langley 48 hour Film Festival

Whalley Exchange


5 Feet Under Studios


Magic 9 Ball

"A local hustler takes one last shot at proving he earned his notoriety."


1st Place Winner - The Fort Flicks 48hr Film Challenge


This is how it works... 12 teams competed in a challenge that lasts the duration of one weekend. Participants are sent an inspiration package on Friday at 7:00pm consisting of 3 elements that must be utilized in their final submission. Points are scored based on how well these 3 elements are used in their film which cannot exceed 5 minutes in length. Consideration is also given for scene framing, editing, storyline, etc.

This year's inspiration package was: Theme - Perseverance Prop - Ball Phrase - "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Based on these parameters, you are required to write, shoot, edit and submit your short film by no later than 7:00pm Sunday evening which also means allowing time for uploading on your end and downloading on their end.


It was a pleasure meeting the other participants, witnessing how everyone approached this project and enjoying a great weekend!


Produced in association with Creative Compass Society & The Fort Flicks during the 2023 Fort Langley Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Cheribomb Binx & Toxic Mike

Editing & Sound Mixing by Tom Berttall

Obi Canuel as the Drifter

Toxic Mike as the Hustler

Cheribomb Binx & Tom Berttall as the Pool Sharks



Released: February 24th, 2023

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 5 Mins 31 secs

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