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I can't say I've ever written a song from the heart...until now. Words cannot begin to express the level of admiration I have for this man. Indeed, the reason I enjoy playing music today began that night when he signed my cassette after the show. It meant the world to me and still does to this day and beyond. On May 7th, 2023, four of us drove to Hope to see an amazing show. What we witnessed was something that none of us will ever forget, an unbelievable display of strength and determination in a man. There's not much that makes me proud to be Canadian nowadays however, when I sat next to him that night and heard him express how he felt he'd let us down, I not only felt the tears building in my eyes but simultaneously felt that ember of Canadian pride buried deep in my heart starting to illuminate after many years of dormancy. This man is one of the few truly humble Canadians I've spoken with in a long time, incredibly talented and still down to Earth. On the way back home, I once again found myself reading the lyrics of a new Dayglo album. Always inspiring however, this time it was different as I am no longer that 16 year old kid wishing that someday I too can play music like my favourite bands. I've been playing music for years and as we drove home that night, I began hearing riffs in my head and lyrics that began with a line I read in the CD I had bought. "Focus on what is real..." So, for the next couple of weeks, I let that idea grow into the song you're hearing now. It's not polished, perhaps it was a bit rushed but that's the way it came out and my only hope is that Murray hears it, laughs a bit, maybe cringes at my attempts at soloing but most importantly, realizes that I am but one fan who took that kind gesture many years ago, picked up a guitar, learned to play and now, I feel it incumbent upon me to offer you this in return, a token of my gratitude, admiration and utmost respect. So Murray, if you're reading this, stay strong brother. As strong as you were to fight your way back on the stage and give us your best. I said it to you that night and I'll say it to you again, you didn't "half-ass" anything or let us down in the least. In fact, you did quite the opposite. You showed us what true strength looks like, that we must do what we love no matter what AND you played incredibly! Thank you so much Murray.

Sincerely, Toxic Mike.

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