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Crack Horror


5 Feet Under Studios




"Obligatory Halloween Special"


Arriving precisely on time as our Halloween special tradition dictates, the Friday after Halloween. It's definitely not late... Sometimes an artist's life gets so chaotic, they have little to no time for what matters to them the most, the manifestation of their ideas and the subsequent offering to the world. However, the fire in an artist's soul is often the most stubborn flame to extinguish as it always yearns to burn bright as can be. Join us, won't you? On this, the obligatory Halloween special from the wrong side of the river. We hope you enjoy the ride and feel the TRUE Spirit of Halloween... just leave before Crack Horror starts playing. Besides, you wouldn't want to miss the last ScareTrain!


Featuring Stumblin' Gunnar

Writting, Directing, Editing & Sound by Toxic Mike, Cheri Bombbinx, Tom Berttall, Stumblin' Gunnar

8-Bit Animations by Brad Bretanha from @Pixel Craft Universe

Released: November 4th, 2023

Genre: Halloween Comedy

Duration: 48 Mins 48 Secs

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